Floating in a Sea of Fables

A sudden squall came up last week and I was pitched from my orderly boat into the wind-lashed waves. I thrashed about in the waves; the waves kept marching on, rolling up and down, over and over until the whale road had carried me far from my boat. Once the wind and rain let up, I could see flotsam not too far off and swam for it. There was enough wreckage to make a raft.

I spent several days adrift on my raft. The first night was a bit uncomfortable because my fur hadn’t dried out yet, but I managed. I made it to an island and enjoyed a bit of a respite. However, the rolling waves are calling to me and across them is where my path leads.

What you can take from this creative rambling is that I’ve had a bit of a hard spot with teaching, but have made it through with a lot of help from the Lord. I meant to post last week and I meant to post earlier today because that is when I want to have my weekly ramblings occur, but school is still having a field day with me. So expect me to start posting regularly on Sunday mornings Korean time in a week or so (I’m realizing I need to be prepared ahead of time).

Today’s delays in posting come as a result of trying to find video clips about apartheid and the TRC in South Africa. It’s harder than I thought to find what I was looking for, though I finally discovered that the South African Broadcasting Corporation had its special reports on the TRC posted on its YouTube channel. As for the movie, Long Night’s Journey into Day, which I had seen my senior year at university – it cannot be found online and has an absurd pricing system (the home edition will actually flash a screen at points warning you that it isn’t meant for educational use and yet they have made it the cheapest edition available and the list price of the standard edition is $99, which is a little over $1 per minute of movie >.> ). So that movie is out for this year. And if I can’t get my paws on the official school letterhead of my school to request the education edition of the film or find someone to buy the education edition for me (and I reimburse them, of course), then I may just have to buy the home edition and ignore their restrictions in an act of civil disobedience. Another movie I tried to find was Witness to Apartheid, which was illegally filmed in South Africa in 1986. I found a clip to use, but I’ve put the movie on my “buy list” and hope to have a copy for next year.

And if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to these last two weeks, my previous paragraph should give you a good idea. I’ve been doing preparations for school. There are also the mandatory bodily needs of food, water, sleep, and waste disposal that have to be addressed. I’ve managed to read a little here and there, chat some with friends, hold my online Bible study, and go to church in my spare time, but I haven’t really seen much outside of the walls of my apartment or of the school. T.T Because this near-constant work grinds on my soul, it was good that I spent one of my prep periods listening to this song.

There is more I want to say, such as musing on the “breaking” news that the King of Saudi Arabia has extended the right to vote in future municipal elections to women or the petition of Palestine to join the UN as a full member. But sleep and school are calling. So I’ll just have to use my spare time wisely this week.


What follows is a list of video clips I may possibly use for providing context about apartheid and the TRC to my seniors.  Ignore or watch as you wish.

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  1. Eruanna

    I look forward to your review of Tutu’s work. Maybe after the class discussion would be good? Also, could you code your website so that there are “previous” and “next” buttons at the bottom of the posts, too? That would be cool.


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