Looking Ahead

A week from now is Christmas.  Between then and now are the last five days of the semester, which will bring with them essays from the seniors to grade, narrative evaluations of my students, and three half-days for the students (but not for teachers).  Because I am mostly finished with what needs to be done before the semester ends, I should have some time to tidy up and improve my den.  I may also have several posts this week to make up for the lack of rambling in previous weeks.

Projects that hopefully will be finished:

  • Making my Foxfire useful.  Right now it doesn’t guide you anywhere, so I need to better employ it in illuminating various areas, such as the meadow paths.
  • Bringing more life into the Chapel Ruins.
  • Playing tag with my ramblings.
  • Opening up some of the shelves and tables in the Scriptorium for perusal and use.

That’s probably enough to hope for in a week’s time.  Some of them will be easy, others… will require long and complicated quest chains.

There may also be some looks at the characters and plot of my novel, though you won’t be getting any more actual text. :p

May you stay warm and safe this coming week, may you find time to relax, and may you do well on whatever it is you have to do.

One thought on “Looking Ahead

  1. Direlda Post author

    So I’ve let my foxfire shed its light on the various faces you might find me making and had fun doing so. :creative: Feel free to check it out! Now if only I could sleep… z.z


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