It’s a Foxiful Life

Merry Christmas to you all! ^^

Christmas is actually nearing its close for me, so I hope you will have as much fun as I did!  There’s still some snow on the ground, so that was nice to have around.

We’re currently cat-sitting some friends’ cat, so last night was interspersed with yowling as their cat made it known that it did not appreciate being in a strange apartment.  The cat will also occasionally swat at us, so one of the first things we did this morning was acquire a suitable stick to attach a piece of tinsel to.  We now have a toy to entertain the cat with while keeping ourselves out of striking distance.

We opened our presents, worked a little on getting ready for Church while also keeping the cat entertained, had a dinner at a Korean restaurant with some of the members of the English worship service, and worked on a puzzle when we got back home.

The dinner was rather good.  Part of our meal was 부대찌개 (budae jjigae or “army base stew”), which at this restaurant consisted of various vegetables, bits of bacon, spam, ground beef, ramyun (aka ramen) noodles, tofu, macaroni, spicy sauce, and so on.  The other main part of our meal was a mix of vegetables and sausages with some sort of delicious brown sauce.  Both of these were cooked at our table.  I really like that aspect of this type of Korean restaurant – being able to watch your food cook, perhaps even doing the cooking yourself, and then snatching food with your chopsticks off of the cooking surface.  I had my fill. :D

So all-in-all a relaxing and satisfying first Christmas of married life.  And I now have a triangle (of the musical sort), so perhaps I can work on convincing the school I work at that they need to have more percussion instruments for their orchestra. :creative:   I really miss playing percussion.  If only I’d had enough room to take my bodhrán with me…

Today’s title is inspired by the movie It’s a Wonderful Life and by sounding similar to fanciful.  We watched that movie with fellow teachers on Friday night.  I enjoyed it, though parts of the movie, such as the angels in the beginning being portrayed as galaxies and a star or how some of the changes caused by Clarence granting George’s “wish” seem a bit off (like how it stops snowing… the weather shouldn’t have been affected…), were not all that they could have been.  In any case, I can see why it is considered a classic Christmas movie.

I’m tired, z.z so I think this is all that you will get from me tonight.  Hopefully I will have some time tomorrow to work a little more on my den.

Blessings and to all a good Christmas!

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