On the Eve of an Adventure

Today I am flying out with my wife to Cambodia to visit a friend of hers from high school.  I will most likely not have internet access and, even if I do, I think I’ll be enjoying my vacation too much to want to go online. :p   (Gasp! You mean there’s more to life than the internet, Direlda?  Of course not :sarcasm: )  So I hope all of you have a blessed rest of the year and I will see you in 2012!

And though I’ll be offline, I will still be working on improvements for my den (such as sketching out the map I want to put up for your benefit and deciding how to spruce up the chapel ruins).  :creative:   So don’t despair, I will have an awesome website yet!

Here’s hoping I have a safe adventure in Cambodia!  And I hope to get some good pictures of Angkor Wat to share, so be looking forward to those. :D


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