I’m Sorry, Direlda. I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That.

I’m experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment.  While in the course of working away on my den, I have discovered that I am no longer able to bring in pictures. >.<   And I had just finished drawing a map, too! :creative:

The problem seems to originate from the ownership and/or permissions of the uploads folder and its subfolders. Apparently creating new monthly folders causes WordPress some angst when it doesn’t have proper permissions (the weird thing is that it worked many times before).  So I told it, “Don’t bother with organizing by month and year.”  And that seemed to work…

But then I discovered that the image it “uploaded” didn’t exist. O.O   I was using a FTP program at the same time and couldn’t find the image file in the website’s uploads folder.  Nor could I edit the image in the media library – it existed in name only.  Naturally, I turned to the WordPress support forums and Codex for help.  After some wearying dredging around, I found some fixes that might do the trick.  And discovered that I apparently didn’t have the authorization to carry them out.  >.>   So if you could help me Flechmen (and Wolfin and anyone else with website knowledge), I would greatly appreciate it!

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