Stay on Target…

This week is promising to be quite the good week.  I just need to make sure I don’t veer into the walls of the trench…

I finally got to wear the full kumdo armor, aka bogu, yesterday.  My ears hurt a lot, but it was good to finally be able to practice and make connections between what I was learning and actual bouts.  I also have a set of bogu that might arrive by this weekend!

Using the very small Lego collection I have here, I made a few MOCs (My Own Creation) to tell a small story.  I’m hoping to make that story the first thing I put into the scriptorium, as a way of testing it’s layout.  :creative:

Thanks to Flechmen, the ability to bring images (and other media) into my den has been restored. :D   So the map I drew for your benefit is now here.  All that remains is to make an image map so that it can be an interactive map!

Finally, with the advent of finals, I find the amount of work I have to do winding down.  Hooray for having assigned a writing project for the creative writing final as opposed to making a test and review guide.

This is a small update to let you know what has been going on – Lord willing I will be able to give you a better report during the weekend.  Now to sleep…  z.z

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