Typhoon Bolaven

The passing of Typhoon Bolaven did not affect me as much as I would have thought.  My wife did get the day off from school – closed just in case the storm was really bad.  I noticed gusts of wind by watching the trees outside my window thrash back and forth.  I saw the rain-soaked pavement.  But when I ventured out the next day, there was little sign of the storm’s passing.  A few leaves and other plant parts were scattered about, but no visible damage to signs or buildings in my vicinity.

In other parts of Korea, however, there was visible damage from the typhoon.  One picture I saw showed a car smashed by bricks that had toppled off a building.  There was a picture of a cargo ship that had apparently been torn in half by the storm.  I am sad to report that Typhoon Bolaven did cause deaths in South Korea.

On Thursday there was a downpour in my region and it seemed like it rained more on that day than it did on Tuesday, when Typhoon Bolaven passed by.  It turns out that the rain was the result of Typhoon Tembin hitting Korea.  Typhoon Tembin had struck Taiwan, looped around to strike Taiwan again, and then went for the Korean peninsula.

The people I am most concerned about right now are the North Koreans.  They had some severe flooding in July and more flooding in mid-August. Typhoon Bolaven passed through on Tuesday and Wednesday and I think Typhoon Tembin dumped some rain up that way on Thursday.  What this means for North Korea is that the population faces a humanitarian crisis.  And while their government is not at all friends with either South Korea or America, the people (most of whom hardly have a say in the government) are the ones that will suffer for it.  Depending on the amount of damage caused, it is possible that North Korea could experience a crisis on the scale of the famine in the 1990s, though it is hard to know for sure what state North Korea is in.  So please keep the North Koreans in your prayers.

“Our indifference to the plight of the homeless and the refugee, Father forgive.” ~from the Coventry Litany of Reconciliation

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