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The art of dancing with words, weaving them together, and smithing them.

NaNoWriMo Report #1

This is Direlda reporting in from the front lines of NaNoWriMo for Vulpine News.  Today has been a long day for writers, as they should be a fifth of the way done with their novel by the time the day has ended.  I started the weekend with a massive deficit, but now have a gain of 871.  This coming week at school will see if my gains will hold.  Or will a bear in tennis shoes come and ruin it all?

In other news, the past week was especially tough with extremes in emotional highs and lows.  La Niña wrecked some havoc, but this too shall pass.  The providential arrival of the superintendant has appeared to set a more moderate trend, but keep checking your barometers!

Finally, the Three Musketeers sang their way through my evening.  While I only recognized a few words (one of which being fool…), translations floated nearby them.  In Japanese.  So I understood slightly more than I would have without them, but not as much as I could have.  At least I recognize more kanji than I can write: 愛(あい)being one of them.

Tune in next week to find out if the 20k mark is reached.  And remember, we’re Vulpine News – our tales are fluffier and our spin is both admitted and more eccentric than the foxes on the tube.

Direlda signing out.

Breaking Radio Silence

I dust off the transceiver and hit the transmit button.  “Is this frequency in use?”


No response, so I repeat.  My words fade into the silence.


Satisfied that I wasn’t intruding upon giants debating how best to protect their castles in the sky from invasive vines, I say, “CQ, CQ, CQ.  This is Kitsune calling.”


Twice more I utter those words, but, aside from the brief techno power washer that leaves my ears ringing, I hear nothing.  I check the time.  I glance at the map and double check that they are within one of the reachable swaths.  They are.  I check my frequency.  I try again and wonder if the only reply will be light years away and won’t be able to answer until long after I have figured out how to have more than one tail.

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Floating in a Sea of Fables

A sudden squall came up last week and I was pitched from my orderly boat into the wind-lashed waves. I thrashed about in the waves; the waves kept marching on, rolling up and down, over and over until the whale road had carried me far from my boat. Once the wind and rain let up, I could see flotsam not too far off and swam for it. There was enough wreckage to make a raft.

I spent several days adrift on my raft. The first night was a bit uncomfortable because my fur hadn’t dried out yet, but I managed. I made it to an island and enjoyed a bit of a respite. However, the rolling waves are calling to me and across them is where my path leads.

What you can take from this creative rambling is that I’ve had a bit of a hard spot with teaching, but have made it through with a lot of help from the Lord. I meant to post last week and I meant to post earlier today because that is when I want to have my weekly ramblings occur, but school is still having a field day with me. So expect me to start posting regularly on Sunday mornings Korean time in a week or so (I’m realizing I need to be prepared ahead of time). Continue reading