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A Winter Adventure Part 1: From Korea to Cambodia

Now that I’ve recovered from the attack on my person by the agents of Darth Salmonella or Darth Escherichia Coli (rather, they are the two most likely suspects – it was too quick to be the work of Darth Giardia and while I may have spotted a figure with a red fedora measuring up the temples, her modus operandi is lifting famous things, so it couldn’t have been her), I have enough energy to ramble on about my adventure this winter holiday.  :)

You should find a comfortable seat, for I shall be rambling for quite a bit.  So much, in fact, that I’ve decided to take breaks in between.  This is the first part, the second shall come on my Saturday, and the third on my Sunday (this will also allow me to test whether or not I can schedule my ramblings to appear at a set time in advance).

You’re comfortable?  Good! :D   Now you’ll hear a tail, errm… tale, of a fateful trip that started from a snowy airport aboard a flying ship.  Actually, that’s jumping ahead of things – I think we need to go back to December 26th and go from there.  For it is around then that the sleepless nights first started…

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It’s a Foxiful Life

Merry Christmas to you all! ^^

Christmas is actually nearing its close for me, so I hope you will have as much fun as I did!  There’s still some snow on the ground, so that was nice to have around.

We’re currently cat-sitting some friends’ cat, so last night was interspersed with yowling as their cat made it known that it did not appreciate being in a strange apartment.  The cat will also occasionally swat at us, so one of the first things we did this morning was acquire a suitable stick to attach a piece of tinsel to.  We now have a toy to entertain the cat with while keeping ourselves out of striking distance.

We opened our presents, worked a little on getting ready for Church while also keeping the cat entertained, had a dinner at a Korean restaurant with some of the members of the English worship service, and worked on a puzzle when we got back home.

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Pizza and Chuseok (추석)

Today is Chuseok (추석), which is the traditional Korean harvest festival.  But more on that later.

I need to take care of a few maintenance things first, and rather than stick them at the end (as I would normally do), I am dealing with them now, since I feel they need emphasizing.

First, I am planning on changing the appearance of the emoticons.  I will be using TaniDaReal’s Foxy Mood Icon set.  Here is what the readme says:

I hope you like the Foxy Mood Icon set. :) Feel free to use it as you wish. Giving credit is always welcome. Please upload the images to your own webspace to use them (please do not just link to my website). The pictures are transparent gif files that work on all backgrounds. Enjoy! :) ~ TaniDaReal (

So there is credit where credit is due for when the emoticon appearance change takes place.

Second, to those businesses or spammers who have posted comments that my on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t that great: No duh!  That’s not my goal.  I’m naming pages with my own names rather than use the standard because I’m trying to fit a certain theme.  If not many people read my blog, then that is fine (yes, it would be cool to have many readers, but that’s not my primary goal).  I would rather spend my time and effort on creating worthwhile content than advertising and I don’t have a current need to pay anyone to advertise and optimize for me.

Third, I’ve dug out the tunnels to what should be the last of the main areas.  Since some of you may be lost or confused, I’ll provide a guide.

  • Fox’s Den = The home page (because a den is a fox’s home)
  • Ramblings = The blog (because my blog is a collection of my ramblings)
  • Scriptorium = Writing/art showcase (because the scriptorium is where monks copied books and illustrated manuscripts)
  • Chapel Ruins = Bible study information page (because you study the Word in both)
  • Scones & Tea = About me (because you might be served these if you sat down to get to know me in person)
  • The Meadow = Links (because a meadow is filled with a variety of paths going many different places)
  • Starwatching Rock = Contact Me (because of what my name means, this is where you are most likely to find me)

I hope that has provided enough clarity on the matter. If you think I need to provide this guide on a “static” page, then please comment on this post!  And with that, I will get back to rambling on Pizza and Chuseok. Continue reading