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Where’d I Put my Adventurer’s Kit…?

The random piles of belongings spread out before me hide the various components and tools I need to succeed and thrive on my latest adventure.  It doesn’t feel that strange, though, that in a little more than a week I will be living in another country.  What does feel strange is that I will finally have a standard long-term job.  I’ve taught before – archery to Cub Scouts and creative writing to the homeless – and I am certified in TESOL, but it just feels weird that I will be teaching English to Koreans as my job.

This is the start of this part of my adventure and I hope to share it with you.  I’m still working out how often I’ll ramble (though I’m leaning toward once a week with exceptions for special occurrences) and on what day (probably around the weekend).  But since my den is still being reconstructed after Derrida passed through (always a danger for storytellers, those literary critics…), you might catch glimpses of this elusive fox digging out tunnels to new locations and might overhear me rambling more than I will in the future.

So go about your merry way for now.  Just be sure to visit and perhaps sit back to hear a tale or two.