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I’m Sorry, Direlda. I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That.

I’m experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment.  While in the course of working away on my den, I have discovered that I am no longer able to bring in pictures. >.<   And I had just finished drawing a map, too! :creative:

The problem seems to originate from the ownership and/or permissions of the uploads folder and its subfolders. Apparently creating new monthly folders causes WordPress some angst when it doesn’t have proper permissions (the weird thing is that it worked many times before).  So I told it, “Don’t bother with organizing by month and year.”  And that seemed to work…

But then I discovered that the image it “uploaded” didn’t exist. O.O   I was using a FTP program at the same time and couldn’t find the image file in the website’s uploads folder.  Nor could I edit the image in the media library – it existed in name only.  Naturally, I turned to the WordPress support forums and Codex for help.  After some wearying dredging around, I found some fixes that might do the trick.  And discovered that I apparently didn’t have the authorization to carry them out.  >.>   So if you could help me Flechmen (and Wolfin and anyone else with website knowledge), I would greatly appreciate it!

The Nearer Your Destination…

…the more you slip-slide away. (there’s a song with those lyrics, but I can’t remember the details abut it) I feel this way about my den, for it seems the closer I get to finishing the re-imagining, the farther I get from actually being finished. And this feeling of sliding down a scree slope comes up with my novel (I need to do more revising than I have), with my re-inventorying of the school’s library, with taking Korean fencing 검도 (keomdo), and with staying in contact with all my various friends and family who are several time zones away. I don’t want to be distant and yet I seem to be sliding down the slope.

Perhaps if I managed to juggle my time better, I could get everything done in a reasonable manner, but… I’m distractable and there isn’t much outside incentive for most of these. The library project is closest to completion because it’s my job and I want to finish with what we currently have before all the new books arrive. z.z I’ve come to realize that my self-motivation can only take me so far, especially when I have no definite timeline to work with.

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On the Eve of an Adventure

Today I am flying out with my wife to Cambodia to visit a friend of hers from high school.  I will most likely not have internet access and, even if I do, I think I’ll be enjoying my vacation too much to want to go online. :p   (Gasp! You mean there’s more to life than the internet, Direlda?  Of course not :sarcasm: )  So I hope all of you have a blessed rest of the year and I will see you in 2012!

And though I’ll be offline, I will still be working on improvements for my den (such as sketching out the map I want to put up for your benefit and deciding how to spruce up the chapel ruins).  :creative:   So don’t despair, I will have an awesome website yet!

Here’s hoping I have a safe adventure in Cambodia!  And I hope to get some good pictures of Angkor Wat to share, so be looking forward to those. :D


Looking Ahead

A week from now is Christmas.  Between then and now are the last five days of the semester, which will bring with them essays from the seniors to grade, narrative evaluations of my students, and three half-days for the students (but not for teachers).  Because I am mostly finished with what needs to be done before the semester ends, I should have some time to tidy up and improve my den.  I may also have several posts this week to make up for the lack of rambling in previous weeks.

Projects that hopefully will be finished:

  • Making my Foxfire useful.  Right now it doesn’t guide you anywhere, so I need to better employ it in illuminating various areas, such as the meadow paths.
  • Bringing more life into the Chapel Ruins.
  • Playing tag with my ramblings.
  • Opening up some of the shelves and tables in the Scriptorium for perusal and use.

That’s probably enough to hope for in a week’s time.  Some of them will be easy, others… will require long and complicated quest chains.

There may also be some looks at the characters and plot of my novel, though you won’t be getting any more actual text. :p

May you stay warm and safe this coming week, may you find time to relax, and may you do well on whatever it is you have to do.

Floating in a Sea of Fables

A sudden squall came up last week and I was pitched from my orderly boat into the wind-lashed waves. I thrashed about in the waves; the waves kept marching on, rolling up and down, over and over until the whale road had carried me far from my boat. Once the wind and rain let up, I could see flotsam not too far off and swam for it. There was enough wreckage to make a raft.

I spent several days adrift on my raft. The first night was a bit uncomfortable because my fur hadn’t dried out yet, but I managed. I made it to an island and enjoyed a bit of a respite. However, the rolling waves are calling to me and across them is where my path leads.

What you can take from this creative rambling is that I’ve had a bit of a hard spot with teaching, but have made it through with a lot of help from the Lord. I meant to post last week and I meant to post earlier today because that is when I want to have my weekly ramblings occur, but school is still having a field day with me. So expect me to start posting regularly on Sunday mornings Korean time in a week or so (I’m realizing I need to be prepared ahead of time). Continue reading

Pizza and Chuseok (추석)

Today is Chuseok (추석), which is the traditional Korean harvest festival.  But more on that later.

I need to take care of a few maintenance things first, and rather than stick them at the end (as I would normally do), I am dealing with them now, since I feel they need emphasizing.

First, I am planning on changing the appearance of the emoticons.  I will be using TaniDaReal’s Foxy Mood Icon set.  Here is what the readme says:

I hope you like the Foxy Mood Icon set. :) Feel free to use it as you wish. Giving credit is always welcome. Please upload the images to your own webspace to use them (please do not just link to my website). The pictures are transparent gif files that work on all backgrounds. Enjoy! :) ~ TaniDaReal (

So there is credit where credit is due for when the emoticon appearance change takes place.

Second, to those businesses or spammers who have posted comments that my on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t that great: No duh!  That’s not my goal.  I’m naming pages with my own names rather than use the standard because I’m trying to fit a certain theme.  If not many people read my blog, then that is fine (yes, it would be cool to have many readers, but that’s not my primary goal).  I would rather spend my time and effort on creating worthwhile content than advertising and I don’t have a current need to pay anyone to advertise and optimize for me.

Third, I’ve dug out the tunnels to what should be the last of the main areas.  Since some of you may be lost or confused, I’ll provide a guide.

  • Fox’s Den = The home page (because a den is a fox’s home)
  • Ramblings = The blog (because my blog is a collection of my ramblings)
  • Scriptorium = Writing/art showcase (because the scriptorium is where monks copied books and illustrated manuscripts)
  • Chapel Ruins = Bible study information page (because you study the Word in both)
  • Scones & Tea = About me (because you might be served these if you sat down to get to know me in person)
  • The Meadow = Links (because a meadow is filled with a variety of paths going many different places)
  • Starwatching Rock = Contact Me (because of what my name means, this is where you are most likely to find me)

I hope that has provided enough clarity on the matter. If you think I need to provide this guide on a “static” page, then please comment on this post!  And with that, I will get back to rambling on Pizza and Chuseok. Continue reading

Of Water Hot and Cold

I look forward to the day I break the language barrier.  But unlike Chuck Yeager and the sound barrier (hmm… Chuck Yeager and the Sonic Booms sounds like it would make a cool band name…), there is no specific target to surpass.  Fluency is a hard thing to measure and one need not be fluent to be able to read heating controls or tell the landlady about the unexpected wading pool in your living room.  This particular adventure of water hot and cold started with the switch to a new apartment.

On the day my wife and I moved in to our new apartment in South Korea, we received not only internet access, but a new washing machine and a new stove.  We soon discovered, however, that we could not get the stove to ignite (it was a two-burner, self-igniting gas stove).  And no matter how far we turned the handle to the hot side, the shower only poured out cold water.  Unfortunately for us, the person who had been assisting us was swamped with office work at the school, so he wasn’t able to get around to helping us.  We spent a week taking “brisk and refreshing” showers and heating up instant rice in the microwave.

Last night, the School Director took the school staff out to eat at a nice restaurant and afterwards I decided to head to noraebang (Korean for karaoke)  with some of my fellow teachers.  Eruanna decided to head back to our apartment.  I had a lot of fun, especially since the place supplied tambourines in the room we rented.  Unlike in America, where you get up in front of a bunch of strangers and make a fool of yourself, in Korea (and in Japan, I’ve heard) you rent a room with a bunch of people you know and make a fool of yourself with them.  There were plenty of English songs to sing, though some of the Korean teachers did sing one K-pop song (lyrics were in Korean, so I only sort of got the sounds).  There were live-action and cartoon videos playing behind the lyrics and I had a hard time telling if it was random or selected for each song.  I nearly lost my voice on Bohemian Rhapsody… ^^ Continue reading

Where’d I Put my Adventurer’s Kit…?

The random piles of belongings spread out before me hide the various components and tools I need to succeed and thrive on my latest adventure.  It doesn’t feel that strange, though, that in a little more than a week I will be living in another country.  What does feel strange is that I will finally have a standard long-term job.  I’ve taught before – archery to Cub Scouts and creative writing to the homeless – and I am certified in TESOL, but it just feels weird that I will be teaching English to Koreans as my job.

This is the start of this part of my adventure and I hope to share it with you.  I’m still working out how often I’ll ramble (though I’m leaning toward once a week with exceptions for special occurrences) and on what day (probably around the weekend).  But since my den is still being reconstructed after Derrida passed through (always a danger for storytellers, those literary critics…), you might catch glimpses of this elusive fox digging out tunnels to new locations and might overhear me rambling more than I will in the future.

So go about your merry way for now.  Just be sure to visit and perhaps sit back to hear a tale or two.