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What Does the Fox Say?

Well, if you go by my rambling habits, apparently not much.  I’ve had plenty of adventures since the last time I rambled at you and yet I haven’t said anything.  Partly because of the move back to the US from South Korea (with a decent vacation in Japan), but also due to procrastination and working on other things.

But I’m back to rambling now, really.  May or may not catch you up on my adventures.  Really need to hang up the whiteboard, procure and hang a corkboard, put up the calendar, and have organized creative chaos.

Plenty of pictures and video to go through from my adventures.  But first to finish the story that I am going to submit to the Rainfurrest 2014 conbook and finish up a draft of my novel in time for my vixen’s birthday.

And I need to get back to work on the aesthetics of my den, since its current look isn’t that appealing.  I should make a to-do list so that it can be “signed in triplicate, sent in, sent back, queried, lost, found, subjected to public inquiry, lost again, and finally buried in soft peat and recycled as firelighters” (Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy).

So I’ll leave you with the song that gave this rambling its name, since I like the song and haven’t been on the internet enough to grow sick of it (the benefit of not going online often). :p

P.S. Foxes gekker, in addition to barking, screaming, and such.

It’s a Foxiful Life

Merry Christmas to you all! ^^

Christmas is actually nearing its close for me, so I hope you will have as much fun as I did!  There’s still some snow on the ground, so that was nice to have around.

We’re currently cat-sitting some friends’ cat, so last night was interspersed with yowling as their cat made it known that it did not appreciate being in a strange apartment.  The cat will also occasionally swat at us, so one of the first things we did this morning was acquire a suitable stick to attach a piece of tinsel to.  We now have a toy to entertain the cat with while keeping ourselves out of striking distance.

We opened our presents, worked a little on getting ready for Church while also keeping the cat entertained, had a dinner at a Korean restaurant with some of the members of the English worship service, and worked on a puzzle when we got back home.

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Of Water Hot and Cold

I look forward to the day I break the language barrier.  But unlike Chuck Yeager and the sound barrier (hmm… Chuck Yeager and the Sonic Booms sounds like it would make a cool band name…), there is no specific target to surpass.  Fluency is a hard thing to measure and one need not be fluent to be able to read heating controls or tell the landlady about the unexpected wading pool in your living room.  This particular adventure of water hot and cold started with the switch to a new apartment.

On the day my wife and I moved in to our new apartment in South Korea, we received not only internet access, but a new washing machine and a new stove.  We soon discovered, however, that we could not get the stove to ignite (it was a two-burner, self-igniting gas stove).  And no matter how far we turned the handle to the hot side, the shower only poured out cold water.  Unfortunately for us, the person who had been assisting us was swamped with office work at the school, so he wasn’t able to get around to helping us.  We spent a week taking “brisk and refreshing” showers and heating up instant rice in the microwave.

Last night, the School Director took the school staff out to eat at a nice restaurant and afterwards I decided to head to noraebang (Korean for karaoke)  with some of my fellow teachers.  Eruanna decided to head back to our apartment.  I had a lot of fun, especially since the place supplied tambourines in the room we rented.  Unlike in America, where you get up in front of a bunch of strangers and make a fool of yourself, in Korea (and in Japan, I’ve heard) you rent a room with a bunch of people you know and make a fool of yourself with them.  There were plenty of English songs to sing, though some of the Korean teachers did sing one K-pop song (lyrics were in Korean, so I only sort of got the sounds).  There were live-action and cartoon videos playing behind the lyrics and I had a hard time telling if it was random or selected for each song.  I nearly lost my voice on Bohemian Rhapsody… ^^ Continue reading