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I am a nobody.

Now there is no need to remind me of my worth, for by saying this I am not depreciating my worth.  Rather I am stating the fact that I am a drop in the ocean, a small leaf barely making a ripple as it lands on a pond.  I am a nobody in that I am not widely known.  And this isn’t a bad thing.

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The Hobbit and Les Miserables: My Thoughts on the Films

I watched The Hobbit on the morning of December 16th (and then a second time in January) and Les Misérables on the evening of December 23rd.  I enjoyed both movies! :D   However, there were aspects of each that I did not like.  This is by no means to say I hated the movies for what they did to stories I care about.  I understand that in adapting a story from one medium to another it is necessary to make changes.  Ever since I watched The Fellowship of the Ring and realized that Tom Bombadil wasn’t included my need for adaptations to be true to what they adapt has diminished.  (But how could they do that!  He’s such an awesome character and the scene with the barrow wights explains why Merry’s sword is so deadly to the Witch King—the sword was forged by men who fought against the Witch King—not to mention his songs and the fact the One Ring doesn’t affect him.)  So rather than being in a rage, I enjoyed both of these films as adaptations.

As you have probably figured by now, there will be spoilers.  Hopefully my vulpine helpers have edited away any big ones.  If you haven’t read The Hobbit, then do so—it’s short and I recommend it—and if you haven’t seen Les Misérables, then I encourage you to see it.  Because from here on out it will be hard not to reveal info about them.  I may be able to hide major plot points, but aside from putting all of what follows in a spoiler box, there isn’t much I can do to hide all the details.

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Sadness and Sorrow

I just read about the shootings in Newtown, CT…

*Direlda weeps


This one hits me harder than the shooting at Clackamas Town Center, despite the fact that I’ve been to that mall.  I spent a year first as a teacher and then as a school librarian/nurse.  I’ve interacted with kits that young — entertained them with Alyosha the fox puppet, helped them pick out books, put my years in the Boy Scouts to good use when needing to deal with injuries that needed more than just a band aid.  To think that someone would gun them down…

In tragedies like these my imagination is not always welcome.  I run through hypotheticals — what if I had been there and what if the kits under my care were threatened?

And yet, in the midst of the pain and sorrow, there are stories of teachers who did all they could to protect their students.  Things could have been worse, as horrible as this was.

My heart and prayers go out to the families, the students, the teachers.  May the peace and love of God rest on them.

There isn’t much more I can say.  Words really do no justice to the enormity of grief that crashes over those touched by tragedy.  Though I have wept off and on all day, I really know nothing of what they are going through and have nothing I can really say that will truly help and do justice to the pain.  In times like these let words be few, ears and shoulders be open, and hugs be free.

Below is a playlist I put together of songs of sorrow, healing, and hope as a way of coping with the reminder that not even first graders are immune to evil.

Go in peace and serve the LORD.
~Direlda, a saddened fox