It has grown dark, though you cannot recall it being so close to night when you stopped by.  You hear something padding behind you.  Glancing behind you, you spy a pair of green eyes beaming in the dark.  Perhaps you bolt for it; perhaps you jump back slightly; perhaps you move forward; perhaps something bumps your legs.  Whatever it is that happened, you find yourself on the ground.  The eyes approach, fur brushes against your leg, and you imagine rows of teeth gleaming at you as a paw grips your hand.

“Sometimes we all could use a little illumination,” the creature says. ” 狐火 .” [kitsunebi]

A blue flame sparks to light on the creature’s other paw, which is held open toward the sky. When your eyes adjust to the light, you recognize the creature as Direlda.

“You could have announced yourself,” you say as Direlda helps you up.

“I was bored,” he says.  He giggles and bounds out of reach as you playfully swipe at him.  The blue flame flutters in his paw.  “Besides, you could have asked for some foxfire to light your way.”

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