Cork Board

You notice a cork board on one of the walls in Direlda’s den. There is an ample supply of note paper and thumbtacks. A note tacked to the board reads:

Please use the provided paper to leave me messages if you would rather not send me mail. DO NOT attempt to pin spam to the cork board! It is a pain to clean off and I have enough meat to last me a long while. Blessings and peace! ~Direlda

4 thoughts on “Cork Board

  1. Spenser

    Hey Direlda, thought I’d drop you a line on your cork board. Keep motivated to finish your website redesign – it’s a bugger to get everything running just so, but it’s worth it in the end.

  2. CJFur

    Hi Direlda. ^^ *hugs* Good to see you. Hope that everything is going well. Miss talking to ya. Send me a shout on Skype and/or email.
    Take care and thanks. :)


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