Vulpine Moods

If you haven’t noticed by now, I make various faces that often express my mood.  Or you may have found yourself inexplicably falling into a vulpine expression and are looking for some sort of explanation as to why your face took on the form of a fox (I can assure you that it wasn’t the scones that did it; they are transformation-free).  Pay attention as I make faces for various moods.

So this first one is when I’m razzing you or playfully sticking out my tongue at you.

“:p” => :p

You got that?  If I’m annoyed, you’ll most likely see this one.

“>.>” => >.>

Yeah, it’s sort of a warning.  Now I’ll show you when I’m relieved or laughing at something.

“:lol:” => :lol:

This one here is when I’m shocked or scared.

“8O” => 8O

If you find me gushing out love, I’ll probably look like this.

“<3” => <3

This next one is when I have seen or heard something that is baffling and/or renders me speechless.  Or when I encounter something I wish could be unseen or unheard.

“O.O” => O.O

Here is when I’m happy.

“:)” => :)

If I’m worried or embarrassed, you’ll probably find me looking like this.

“^_^;” => ^_^;

If I’m really upset or in a bad mood, you’ll see me like this.  I suggest remaining calm.

“>.<” => >.<

If I’m sad, well, you’ll see me crying.

“:(” => :(

It’s really hard to force tears, but how did I do?  Anyways, if I’m in a creative and/or crafty mood, you may see me like this.

“:creative:” => :creative:

If I’m tired or contemplative, you’ll find me like this.

“z.z” => z.z

When I’m surprised in a happy way, I’ll look like this!  Also when I’m a bit excited about something.

“:o” => :o

If I feel like an idiot I may look like this before facepawing.  You may occasionally see this face if I’m hurt, too.

“:doh:” => :doh:

If I’m very happy, hyper, excited, or alive, I’ll look like this.  Often accompanied by shouts of “Wheeeeeee!” and bounding around.

“:D” => :D

For the conspiratorial wink, look for this.  Of course, if you also hear a “Teehee” before or after this, you may want to make sure nothing has changed…

“;)” => ;)

If I’m hungry or sometimes when I’m sated, you’ll find me with a bone in my mouth.

“:hungry:” => :hungry:

If I feel like cueing you in to my sarcasm or if I am so afraid of your flailing arms that I may as well give up now, chances are you’ll see this face.

“:sarcasm:” => :sarcasm:

Now watch very closely at this last one, because I’ll probably never do it again.  If I do, it’s probably too late for you…

“:evil:” => :evil:

I would untie your shoes, if I were you.  You don’t believe me?  You are currently wearing a pair of shoes that have had their shoelaces tied together.  You might also want to remove the “glomp me” sign from your back.  I didn’t have time to do anything else…

And here is the message from the artist that captured these moods:

I hope you like the Foxy Mood Icon set. :) Feel free to use it as you wish. Giving credit is always welcome. Please upload the images to your own webspace to use them (please do not just link to my website). The pictures are transparent gif files that work on all backgrounds. Enjoy! :) ~ TaniDaReal (