Illumination Desk

Bottles of various inks and paints line the top of the table.  Brushes and calligraphy pens are neatly arranged on the right side of the table and a stack of blank pages occupies the left side, which would leave enough room to work in the middle of the table were it not currently occupied by a stack of illuminated pages.

Tucked underneath the table is an open crate.  Sitting inside is a contraption made up of a box with a small glass pane attached to a tube with a round glass lens.

Direlda bounds over.  “So what do you think of these illuminations?”  He glances at the stack and scratches his head.  “There should be another sort of illumination here, too.  I guess I’ll have to go looking for those.”  Direlda bounds off, leaving you to peruse the illuminations in peace.