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A Summer Shelter

Wymond the Fox shifted on the stump as he finished cooking a trout over the coals.  “I can’t believe that Avalonian painter tried to adjust the way those elk were holding their heads.  I have enough to worry about without needing to save painters from their absurdities.”  He inspected the trout and decided it was ready.

As he was tearing into the cooked fish, Wymond heard the cracking of twigs and labored breathing.  He stamped out his fire.  Before Wymond could crawl into his shelter a portly man crashed through the underbrush.

“It better snow early this year,” Wymond muttered, “I can’t stand any more painters.”

The painter, oblivious to what Wymond was saying, began setting up an easel.  Wymond put on his best grimace.  The more frightening he looked in the paintings sold in Avalonia, the fewer painters would come looking for him; at least, that was his hope.

Stay on Target…

This week is promising to be quite the good week.  I just need to make sure I don’t veer into the walls of the trench…

I finally got to wear the full kumdo armor, aka bogu, yesterday.  My ears hurt a lot, but it was good to finally be able to practice and make connections between what I was learning and actual bouts.  I also have a set of bogu that might arrive by this weekend!

Using the very small Lego collection I have here, I made a few MOCs (My Own Creation) to tell a small story.  I’m hoping to make that story the first thing I put into the scriptorium, as a way of testing it’s layout.  :creative:

Thanks to Flechmen, the ability to bring images (and other media) into my den has been restored. :D   So the map I drew for your benefit is now here.  All that remains is to make an image map so that it can be an interactive map!

Finally, with the advent of finals, I find the amount of work I have to do winding down.  Hooray for having assigned a writing project for the creative writing final as opposed to making a test and review guide.

This is a small update to let you know what has been going on – Lord willing I will be able to give you a better report during the weekend.  Now to sleep…  z.z