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Direlda, the Handyfox

So I spent a lot of time this past week working on my den.  It’s not quite finished, but now I’m mainly held up by content that either has disappeared or needs to be created.

Things I’ve done:

  • Rambled! :D   September has seen me stay more active!
  • Organized the Scriptorium enough that a all the areas in it can be accessed. Two are basically done and the others have some content to them.
  • Modified what I tell you upon reaching the front door of my den (aka homepage text) to reflect changes in the den.
  • Dug up the guidebook to the meadow paths, which will allow you to know what lies down various paths in the meadow (aka outgoing links).  The guidebook, however, requires some coaxing from me because it doesn’t really want to let others read it yet (aka I have to write the content).
  • Added a means for you to share certain areas of my den elsewhere in the vast internet.  Pay attention to the tail end of my rambling to see!
  • Created a kit theme for my decorating needs (aka child theme), which means changes I make won’t disappear following updates to the parent theme.
  • Learned a little more about PHP and spent a lot of time with the Codex of WordPress.
  • Played around more with Akismet to help me with spam (I can’t eat all that I’ve gotten).  My inbox of comments is now manageable. Which means if you comment, I’ll be able to get around to it better! :)
  • Harnessed the power of Google’s analysts for understanding where everyone who visits my den hails from.
  • And in case you weren’t aware of a previous month’s fix: Adjusted what you see when you get lost.  As the 404 did when they wandered in error. Just try going to a part of my den that doesn’t exist to see it (so replace a page name that does exist with one that doesn’t).

As you can see, I had quite the productive week. :creative:

Things on my to-do list:

  • Get the meadow guidebook to be more responsive!  Just because it isn’t used to other people, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t let you see what’s in it.
  • Find, digitize, and present you with some of my doodles and/or drawings for the illumination desk.
  • Finish editing a bit of background on the Fox Dreams universe to put as the first piece on the reading desk.
  • Decide on how I want to present my library of books to you for the shelves.
  • Keep rambling on a regular basis. :D
  • Work on my writing and exploring so that I have new things to share!
  • This is a more long-term goal: decide how I want to go about setting up the writing desk.  Eventually I want to be able to give people the opportunity to submit pieces of writing (sort of like fan art pages on webcomics).  This might not happen until I have more of my own stories available.  Or I may have some sort of contest and use the writing desk as the place to submit contest entries (though I’d have to figure out what sort of contest and what sort of prizes…).   I think suggestions on this one would be most beneficial.

And on other fronts, I’ve been doing a lot more cooking.  So I’ll have to share with you something delicious (and spicy :D ) that I made.  But I’ll save that for later this week, after I get my wife’s opinion on it!

Blessings and peace!