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Brief Vacation and an Anecdote

So I’m going on vacation for a few days and I haven’t quite finished writing about my adventures in Jeju over Christmas (nor have I started on the 2013 Special Olympics Winter Games adventure or a few other adventures between now and then)… ^_^;

Hopefully I’ll have those up sooner rather than later!  And while I will elaborate on my adventures this past Monday, I will tell you an amusing thing that happened to me.

I was wandering around Yeouido park, taking pictures and video, when a Korean woman wearing a bright orange vest ran up to me and asked if I had a mission card. O.O

What I heard at first was ‘admission card,’ since she looked like she might be someone working at the park, so I was a bit nervous, since I hadn’t seen anything indicating that I needed to pay to be in the park.  But as she repeated her query, I realized that she thought I might have some sort of mission for her.  Probably because a foreign fox stands out in Korea when they let their ears and tail be visible in public. :p

More and more Koreans in orange vests started showing up around me and they all wondered the same thing–did I have a mission for them?  After a while someone in their group spoke enough English to understand that I was just in the park for fun and that I didn’t have any mission for them.  While I’m glad I was truthful, a part of me wishes I had thought up something random to tell them to do…

I kept walking and a few minutes later two Korean men in orange vests came running up and asked if I had a mission for them. I told them no, so then one asked if I was a cosplayer, to which I responded, “sort of.”  Then they were off looking for whoever it was that had a mission for them.

Perhaps a minute later I was met by another group of Koreans in orange vests! And again was asked the same question. O.O   I told them no, but then they asked to take a picture with me.  Not sure if they understood or not, I reiterated that I didn’t have a mission for them, but they still wanted a picture with me.  So I agreed.

Two of them created two loops by linking their arms and had me put my legs through the loops.  They then hoisted me up and posed while a random person walking by was asked to take the picture.  They took a few pictures and then left.  At some point during that time I heard or saw mention that it was for the TV show, Running Man ( 런닝맨 ), so I’m fairly certain they were on the show.  I didn’t see any video cameras trailing any of the groups, but perhaps I’ll recognize the people whenever the episode airs.